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An Online Archive of Punk Rock from Paisley, Scotland
Welcome to Vicious Riff! This site is an ongoing project with fairly regular updates.
Please keep checking back for updates and progress information. Thanks for visiting!
Do you have anything
relevant to the site that
you want to share? Were
you at any gigs at the
Silver Thread, the
Bungalow Bar, Paris,
Windys? Did your band
play at any of these or
other Paisley venues?
Has your band reformed,
do you have upcoming
gigs, are you releasing

Let me know and if it's
relevant to the site I'll
include it!
OK! Apologies for the delay on the update but I decided to make some major changes to the site and some of the things I
had no idea how to do. It's been a bit like when I first picked up the guitar - get the basics, dive in headfirst and then worry
about the everything else later! I was originally going to change the format of the site and make it a bit more professional
looking but decided against that as I think it looks pretty good as it is and I didn't want it looking like a company website! So,
the basic layout is still the same - links above left to the various sections then on each page links to further info top right of
the page and links to other sections at bottom left. Got that? Good!

One major change is to the mp3s. Instead of having one player with all the bands, I've put a dedicated player on each page
so you can listen to the tracks as you read about the band. Just push play - the tracks don't start automatically in case
you're looking at the site from work and have forgotten to turn the volume down on your computer - yes I'm caught out
frequently with that one! The only tracks I'm including on the site are demos, live recordings from Paisley and official releases
where the bands have given permission so don't go to the Clash page and expect to be able to hear their entire discography!
When I receive permission from the bands, I may make some of the tracks available for download. If anyone has any
problems with their music being on the site let me know and I'll remove it - all you have to do is send me an email.

There's also a new section called Neat Neat Neat where anything can be posted. Have a look to see what's in there.

Now, for the big one! I've added a forum to the site! The main reason for doing this is a lot of people have been getting in
touch asking if I have contact details for friends and former band mates that they haven't seen for years. I don't mind trying to
help out but I figure if there's a forum to put messages on then people can use it to get in touch with each other. There are of
course a lot of other sections in the forum so please join and check it out frequently as I'd prefer not to just be reading my
own posts!

Thanks for your patience with these updates!

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