100 Punks Exhibition
It's always a pleasure to see fresh ideas and someone actually using their time to create
something original and unique. This exhibition was made by an online acquaintance who goes by
the name of Johnny Deluxe and is well worth a visit. The details of the exhibition are explained at
the 100 Punks website (link below) where you can see some of the images; however, the general
idea is that, in 100 days, he collected 100 images of punks taken in photo booths and enhanced
them to create this stunning exhibition, which contains images of punks both well known and not
so well known - the unknown soldiers as Johnny refers to them.

So far the exhibition has been successfully shown at various locations around London, has
formed a back drop for recent Eater, TV Smith and 999 gigs, and has travelled further afield to
Devon, Southend, Edinburgh and Glasgow.
100 Punks In Church
Recognise Anyone?
Official Website
Interview with Johnny from 3AM Magazine
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