Sorry for the late reply, I'm snowed under here (as usual!). To be honest, I can't
remember too much about the Silver Thread gig, but here's my general impression,
hopefully accurate! It was our first gig in Glasgow, and as Glasgow had a reputation for
the hardest audiences in the UK we didn't have any idea what we were getting into. We
were glad to be able to find a gig, even though gigs in Glasgow had been banned, and it
was a curious feeling driving into Glasgow, out the other side and through the suburbs
until we arrived at this place which seemed in the middle of nowhere. We set up our gear
and groups of punk kids started gathering outside. As I remember it, the room we
played in had no stage, so the audience (the "hardest" in Britain!) were right in front
us...and around us...and they were hanging from the walls, standing on the furniture,
doing anything to catch a glimpse of us. They were on our side from the opening chords
and it was a brilliant, very VERY hot, adrenaline-charged gig.

There was an article about our trip to Scotland in the Melody Maker the next week, but
unfortunately it only covered the gig in Edinburgh the day before. However, the
photographer travelled with us to Glasgow and I'm pretty sure one of the shots they
printed was from the Silver Threads. Have a look and see what you think - I'll attach it
with this. Phtographer was Nick Bell. Let me know how the project goes


TV Smith
Photo by Nick Bell
'The Adverts gig was a standout. They looked kind of bewildered by it all even though they
were used to the London scene. Mind you Scottish audiences are known for their, ahem,
over enthusiastic responses

I Am The Fly
The Adverts were one of the most significant bands to form during the 1976/77 punk scene.
Formed around mid-1976, the original line-up consisted of TV Smith (vocals), Gaye Advert (bass),
Howard Pickup (guitar), and Lorry Driver (drums). With TV Smith's intelligent, perceptive lyrics, a
raw sound, and catchy songs, the band, although inexperienced, were playing their first gigs by
late 1976. A one-off single contract quickly followed on December 22, 1976 when Jake Riviera of
Stiff records recognised their potential. On April 22, 1977, they released their first single 'One
Chord Wonders'/'Quickstep' and on the 25th they recorded a BBC session comprising 'One Chord
Wonders', 'Quickstep', 'Gary Gilmore's Eyes', 'Bored Teenagers', and 'New Boys'.

The Adverts signed to Anchor Records in July 1977 and released two more singles - 'Gary
Gilmore's Eyes'/Bored Teenagers' (August, 1977), which reached number 18 in the charts, and
'Safety In Numbers'/'We Who Wait' (November, 1977). The band then moved to Bright Records and
released 'No Time To Be 21'/'New Day Dawning' (January, 1978). Their first album 'Crossing The
Red Sea With The Adverts' was released on February 17, 1978 and is one of the defining albums
of the time. Shortly after the album release, drummer Lorry Driver left the band and was replaced
by John Towe (also Chelsea, Generation X, and ATV), who was then replaced by Rod Latter.

The band moved to RCA records and released 'Television's Over'/'Back From The Dead' (November,
1978). In 1979, keyboard player Tim Cross was added to the line-up and they released 'My
Place'/'New Church (June, 1979), their second album 'Cast Of Thousands' (November, 1979), and
what was to be their final single 'Cast Of Thousands'/'I Will Walk You Home' (November, 1979).
The Adverts played their last gig at Slough College on October 27, 1979.
After the Adverts split, TV Smith went on to form TV Smith's Explorer's and, in 1980, had a minor hit with 'Tomahawk Cruise'. In 1981, the Explorer's released
three more singles ('The Servant', 'Have Fun', and 'Perfect Life') and an album 'Last Words Of The Great Explorer'. In 1990, one single ('3rd Term) was released
by TV Smith's Cheap and, in 1992 TV Smith emerged as a solo artist to release the critically acclaimed 'March Of The Giants' album. He continues to gig
relentlessly, release new material, and work with other artists. Keep up to date with what he's doing by visiting his homepage at the link below!
For band history, discography, and interviews with TV Smith and Gaye Advert
TV Smith remembers the following about the gig:
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The Adverts played the Silver Thread Hotel in 1977.
The Adverts at the Silver Thread
The Adverts Silver Thread Ticket