The Clash - what can I say about them? Well, I'm not even going to attempt writing
about their history, discography, or the off-shoot bands related to them as there are
other dedicated sites that do this a lot better than I could! See the links below.

When I first started this site, I hadn't really considered that the Clash would have a
link to Paisley but, with the help of Bill-F. and The Cellar Collective, the following
information came to light. Many thanks to Bill-F. for sharing these photos.

The following photos were taken at the Pond Hotel in Glasgow during the Clash 16
Tons Tour when they played the Apollo on Monday 21st January and Tuesday 22nd
January, 1980. The first two photos show Mick Jones and Dougal from Paisley. On
the previous tour (The Clash On Parole Tour, Glasgow Apollo, Tuesday 4th July,
1978), the 'White Riot' video for the 'Rude' Boy film was shot. If you look closely at
the video you can see Dougal in the crowd. Also, I've been informed that the guy with
the peroxide hair who jumps on stage during 'White Riot' is from Johnstone, a town
only a few miles from Paisley. The following link is 'White Riot' from 'Rude Boy' - I'll
check it regularly to make sure it's still live:
Comprehensive site listing Clash gigs, rare recordings, live footage, and printed articles.
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Mick & Dougal
Mick & Dougal
Joe & Ray Jordan
Johnny & Mick
Clarky, Johnny, Mick & Donny
All photos Bill-F. and the Cellar Collective