Fake Expressions formed in Paisley in 1985 with an original lineup of Scott
(vocals), Warren (guitar), Alan (bass), and Eadie (drums). Warren had played
in several bands prior to this including 2nd Image and Private Parts both of
which had played several times in Paris Nightclub, Paisley.

Warren left 2nd Image due to a fall out with the other band members and, as
the main song-writer, decided to immediately start a new band. He had been
friends with Scott throughout school and knew he was keen to play. The two
started writing songs and the first one completed was called 'Something's
Missing', which had a Buzzcocks-style sound to it. They continued writing
until there were enough songs for a set and started looking for a bass player
and drummer. They knew Allan and Eadie from school, both of whom had the
necessary equipment, so asked if they wanted to join. Initial rehearsals were
held at Centre City Sound Studios in Glasgow under the name Emergency.
Rehearsals progressed well and soon the band was ready to play.
The first gig was organised for the Cellar Bar in Paisley and it was during the
discussion with the promoter that the band got their name in a conversation
that went something like:

We want to play a gig'
OK, when do you want to play?'
As soon as possible'
'OK, what's the band called?'
Eh, Vacant Space'
Did you say Fake Express?'
Yeah, Fake Expressions'
OK, I'll sort out a date'
The band started gigging regularly with mostly original songs, although
some covers were thrown in including 'What Do I Get?', 'Ready, Steady, Go',
'Automatic Lover' and great version of 'Barbed Wire Love'. The band also
practiced 'Pressure Drop' but it was never played live due to Scott's
reluctance to play rhythm guitar while singing - he even bought a new guitar
for the occassion! Fake Expressions played many headlining gigs around
Paisley and just as many support slots with bands including Defiant Pose
and the Uprising.
Everything was going well and then Alan and Eadie left to join Defiant
Pose. Their last gig with Fake Expressions was at the Cellar Bar on
August 3, 1986. Warren and Scott continued writing and started looking for
a new bass player and drummer. John, who had playing experience, was
asked to play bass and he joined around October, 1986. A couple of
drummers were tried but they didn't fit the way the band played (in time!) so
rehearsals continued as a three-piece. The drummer role was eventually
filled by Colin and the new lineup continued rehearsing until they were
ready for their first gig at Weavers in Paisley on April 3, 1987. The support
acts that night were Potato Head and the Out Switch.
Throughout 1987 the band were playing constantly to decent crowds and
going down well. They made the finals of a Battle of the Bands contest,
played in Clydebank with Distorted Truth several times and started receiving
decent press coverage. They recorded a four-song demo including 'Army
Life', 'Kicks', 'Family Fun', and 'Down, Down, Down' at Arches Studios in
Glasgow, and recorded numerous live and rehearsal tapes, and at least two
videos at Windys and Johnstone Town Hall.
Fake Expressions eventually split around 1987/88. Warren felt that the
band had become jaded and it had been taken as far is it could go. He
went on to play in a number of other bands including Ruin, the Scottish
Sex Pistols, the Fingerpuppets, and Them Or Us. Scott stopped playing
for a while but would end up playing bass for Ruin.
Alan, Eadie & Scott
Eadie & Warren, the Cellar
Scott, the Cellar
Alan, the Cellar
John, Colin & Scott
Colin & Warren
Fake Expressions