Fire Exit started in December 1977. Gerry Attrick (vocals) met Brian (guitar) and after a
bottle of Eldorado they agreed to start a band called "Fire Exit". The name came when
they looked at the nearest sign - and that was it! After finishing the bottle they bought
some more to drink and began writing songs. They wrote 12 songs that night and Gerry
still has the lyric book from then. They brought in Billy Holland on bass and then had to
find a drummer, which wasn't easy as, unfortunately, it was the seventies and there weren't
a lot of Punk drummers about in the Glasgow/Paisley area. They got a guy called Doogie
Maxwell who, in Gerry's words '
Looked like a poodle with his fuckin' permed hair'.

The band practiced in houses in the Paisley & Renfrew area and then started gigging all
over the place in colleges, universities and bars including the Amphoria, Burns Howff, and
the Mars bar. They then decided to go to London to cut a single as they couldn't find a
studio in Scotland that could give them the sound they were looking for. The band started
to gig in London and it was at this time they brought in a new drummer called Andy. They
stayed in the back of their Transit van for 9 months!

In August 1979, Fire Exit finally got into Waterloo Studios owned by Pat Collier the
Vibrators bassist. They recorded 'Timewall'/'Talking Bout Myself' and Pat helped with the
production and engineering. The single was released on the band's own record lable
Timebomb Explosions Records (TBE1). They continued to gig regularly in London and the
single did very well - all 2,500 of them sold out in about 2 - 3 weeks. The single received a
lot of airply from Radio Clyde and Radio 1, John Peel played it regularly and it rose to
number 21 in the Alternative Chart.

Fire Exit met a promoter called Mike Always (later involved in Cherry Red Records) who
helped them out by attracting offers from record companies. The band wanted to keep it
DIY but nearly lost it when they signed to Decca Records (Burlington Music) although
nothing was released by the label.

More gigs followed, including one at Stonehenge with the Poison Girls and the Fatal
Microbes, however, the band started to drift. When Gerry returned to london from
Glasgow to set up a tour, Brian told him Andy & Billy had gone AWOL.

Fire Exit reformed with a lineup of Gerry Attrcik (vocals), Neil Down (guitar), Paul Provan
(bass), and Jake Scouce (drums) and continued playing regularly but would eventually
split. The band reformed recently and continue to play all over the world including ecent
gigs have included the Wasted Festval in Morecambe, Holidays In The Sun in San
Francisco, New York and Spain, and Punk Aid at the 100 Club.

Fire Exit recently brought in a new guitarist, Jimbo, when Brian left in December 2006.
Jimbo has played with the UK Subs, the Zips and a number of other bands.

Fire Exit releases:

Timewall/Talkin Bout Myself (Timebomb Explosions) 1979 7" (UK)

Killed by Death 6 (Compilation LP) (Redrum) 1993 12" (USA)

Killed by Death 7 (Compilation LP) (Redrum) 1993 12" (USA)

Talkin Bout Myself/Timewall (Timebomb Explosions) 1995 CD (UK)

Bloodstains Across The UK (Compilation LP) 1996 12"& CD (USA, UK, Japan)

Killed by Death 6 (Compilation LP) Redrum 1997 12" (USA)

Timewall/Talkin Bout Myself (Timebomb Explosions) 2001 CD (UK)

10 Wee Smashers From Fire Exit (Timebomb Explosions) 2001 CD (UK)

We're Just Punks (Timebomb Explosions) 2004 CD (UK)

Live at Wasted 2005 Timebomb Explosions 2005 CD (UK)

Timewall (Free with Provoked Fanzine) (Timebomb Explosions) 2005 CD (UK)

No Way Out - Live at Wasted 2005 Dvd (UK)
Gerry, Fire Exit
Sounds, September 29, 1979
Fire Exit
Gerry, Jock & Jimmy Pursey Punk Aid 2006