The idea for Gun Rubber was first formed when Warren, who had just left the Scottish
SexPistols, met with Ross in the Horseshoe Bar in Glasgow in August, 1994 to
discuss a new band. Warren had a backlog of material so the two set about putting
lyrics to the music while looking for a bass player and drummer. Under the name
Jubilee, they found a bass player called Billy and recruited Schultz on drums - the
former Scottish Sex Pistols drummer. After a couple of rehearsals, it became
apparent that this lineup wasn't going to work so the search for a drummer and bass
player continued. Bryson was brought in on drums after answering an ad in a
Glasgow music shop and Neil was asked to play bass as Warren had known him for
years. With the lineup complete, the band started rehearsing seriously and it was
around this time that the name was changed to Gun Rubber - after a 1977 fanzine of
the same name.
Gun Rubber's first gig was at the Music Gallery in Paisley on May 13, 1995 at an all
day event with a set of mostly original material although covers of Iggy Pop's 'I Got A
Right' and the Dead Boys' 'Sonic Reducer' were also played. Many gigs soon followed
including the Fahrenheit 451 all-dayer at Nice n Sleazy in Glasgow and a support with
the UK Subs at the Cas Rock in Edinburgh. The first demo, 'Sartorial Correctness',
was recorded at Carlton Studios in Glasgow on August 26, 1995 and was mixed on
September 2 with Graeme from the Close Lobsters doing the engineering. The 3 songs
recorded were 'Attack', 'One Way Trip', and 'Forget Me Not'.

The band continued gigging regularly around Glasgow and Edinburgh, including
support slots at the Cas Rock with Jayne County and the Vibrators. A video was made
of the Vibrators support slot. A second demo, 'All You Need Is Hate', was recorded on
March 23, 1996 at Carlton Studios with Graeme as the engineer. The songs recorded
were 'All You Need Is Hate', Zealots, and 'Come On (And Kill Us). More gigs followed
with two of the highlights being the Letham Festival at Dunnichen Hill on May 10 and
Treason In The Park at Queen's Park, Glasgow on Saturday, July 6.
Not long after the Queen's Park gig, Ross was kicked out of Gun Rubber (he may
say he left) because of a disagreement with the other three members. The band had
a gig at Nice n' Sleazy two weeks later so Warren, who was unwilling to cancel the
gig simply because of Ross's departure, decided to sing. The gig was a successful
but make-shift affair with Warren singing and playing guitar, Neil playing bass to
some songs and rhythm guitar to others, Nigel (soon to be the band's new bass
player) playing bass to some songs, and Chad from Defiant Pose making an
appearance to sing 'Fight'. After this gig, the new line up of Gun Rubber was Warren
(vocals, guitar), Neil (guitar), Nigel (bass), Bryson (drums). More gigs followed,
including another support slot with the UK Subs and the offer of a residency at the
Brewhouse in Glasgow. The residency; however, was short-lived due to the band
being unhappy with the constantly changing demands of the promoter! A third demo,
entitled 'Time Bomb', was recorded at Carlton Studios. The three tracks on this demo
were 'Jail Cell World', 'Hey, Policeman!', and 'Time Bomb'.
Neil, Warren, Bryson, Ross
Music Gallery, Paisley - May 13, 1995
The band continued gigging successfully; however, Neil and Nigel decided to leave the
band around 1998. Warren and Bryson brought in Gilly (bass) and Bill (guitar) and
continued to gig, the two most succesful gigs being at Airdrie Town Hall and a filled to
capacity support slot at King Tut's where Gun Rubber were very well received. Gun
Rubber eventually split around 1998/99 when Warren and Bryson decided it had pretty
much run its course. Warren went on to play in a number of other bands and Bryson
continued playing in a glam-rock cover band.
Rehearsal Room Photo Shoot, 1995
Nigel, Warren, Neil, Bryson
Confirmed gigs:


May 13 - Music Gallery, Paisley. All day event.
Jun. 10 - McChuill's, Glasgow. Supporting Hugh Reed.
Jul. 5 - Music Gallery, Paisley. Supporting Naked Sea & Sugarbush.
Jul. 17 - Brewhouse, Glasgow.
Jul. 20 - Nice n Sleazy, Glasgow. Fahrenheit 451 event with Lungleg, Tonic, Space Kittens.
Aug. 11 - Cas Rock, Edinburgh. Supporting UK Subs.
Dec. 7 - The Arena, Glasgow.
Dec. 16 - Cas Rock, Edinburgh. Supporting Jayne County.


Jan. 18 - 13th Note, Glasgow. Supporting Six Pack, Machine Gun Etiquette.
Jan. 27 - Cas Rock, Edinburgh. Supporting Synthetic AD
Feb. 17 - Cas Rock, Edinburgh. Supporting the Vibrators.
May 10 - Letham Festival.
May 28 - Curlers, Glasgow. House of Cheese, Nerve support.
Jul. 6 - Queen's Park, Glasgow. Treason in the Park Festival by Fahrenheit 451.


Aug. 29 - Cas Rock, Edinburgh. Supporting UK Subs.


Mar. 20 - Cas Rock, Edinburgh. Supporting UK Subs.
Aug. 28 - King Tut's, Glasgow. Supporting Racing Green, Lady Exchange.
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Tracks from the Sartorial Correctness Demo:
One Way Trip
Forget Me Not