The Losers Club
The Losers Club were a Paisley band who played around the mid-80s. The
original lineup was Billy (vocals), Al (guitar), Stephen (bass), and Stuart aka
Lainy (drums). The band split around 1986 with the various members pursuing
other projects. Most notably, Al went on to play with Ruin, Deadly, and then the
UK Subs where he has been a permanent member for many years.

The following interview is from the Ferocious Apache No.4 (1984) - a Paisley
I recently received an email from Al, the guitar player with the Losers Club, who said the following:

The Losers Club started, i think, in 1984. At the start there was,Stephen (bass), Stuart (drums),
Billy (vocals) and me (guitar). We changed bass player a few times, Jaz first, then some guy whose
name I can't remember. We started off kind of poppy punk then, after Stephen left we were a lot
harder sounding. The best gig was Windys when the Instigators told us 4 hours before the
soundcheck they "couldnt be bothered" to come to Paisley! All I remember is lots of wee fights
going on all night, Billy getting hooked, Lainy fighting, and us doing a runner with all the door
money! Was pissed for a week after that!

Worst gig, again funnliy enough was with the Instigators in Bradford. All the way down there on the
bus, no toilet, driver wouldn't stop, pissin' in bottles, cans etc.,12 people at the gig and us not
getting paid. Marvellous eh? Our favourite place tp play was the old Student Union in Paisley.

No good supports - I don't think so anyway. My memory is crap. I can't remember the set list
(surprise!). We split around 1986 'cos Lainy left. I always remember him saying "Al, I just want to
play stuff like Bruce Springsteen!" We tried out a few drummers but it fizzled out. I look back now
and kind of regret the way I let it end. I thought we were a real good punk band. I'm sure Lainy or
Billy would remember much more than me

The band played many gigs around Paisley although the only 2 confirmed dates I
have at the moment are February 2, 1986 at Windys and, their most memorable,
March 29, 1986 at Windys supporting the Instigators - who didn't turn up!
'If I remember correctly, I turned up early for the Instigators and Losers
Club gig at Windys as I knew it was going to be busy. I managed to get a
spot right at the front of the stage with a crowd of my mates and the place
started to get busy. I saw the Losers Club in the venue but nobody had
seen the Instigators and then the word spread that they were not going to
show up. There were a lot of irate people there - many of whom had
travelled to Paisley for the gig. The Losers Club went on stage and they
played well but it was difficult to concentrate on them as there were fights
breaking out all around me. As soon as one stopped to the left of me,
another one seemed to start to the right or behind me. A memorable gig!