All I remember about playing the Silver Thread is that there was no stage, no
lights and the PA was just a 100 watt guitar amp and two 4 x 12 speakers.
Glasgow City Council had banned punk and Paisley was the nearest we could
play to the city. There were about 150 folk there and this one guy called Kenny
Crawford kept nutting my bass machine heads till blood was all over his face.
He was really enjoying himself! We never played the Bungalow Bar.

On that tour we done 3 gigs on Arran, 1 at Falkirk the Mannerque, 1 at Clouds
Edinburgh. Apparently we were the first English punk band to play Scotland. It
was summer '77. I don't have any posters of those gigs, you don't realise your
making history when your 20, just get pissed and have a laugh

All the best',

The Lurkers formed in West London in 1976 with an original lineup of Pete
Edwards (vocals), Pete Stride (guitar), Nigel Moore (bass), and Pete
Haynes (aka Manic Esso) (drums). Later that year, Howard Wall replaced
Pete Edwards on vocals and, in early 1977, Nigel Moore left to be replace
by Arturo Bassick on bass. After playing the pub circuit for a few months,
the Lurkers secured a gig opening for Generation X at the Marquee,
London on July 20, 1977. They released their first single, 'Shadow'/'Love
Story' on the newly formed Beggars Banquet label in August, 1977, and
it's around this time that they travelled to Scotland to play in Paisley at
the Silver Thread, Falkirk, Edinburgh, and three gigs on the Isle of Arran.

The second single, 'Freak Show'/'Mass Media Believer' was released in
November 1977. Shortly afterwards, Arturo left to form his own group
called Pinpoint and was replaced by ex-Saints bass player Kym
Bradshaw. Kym, however, doesn't work and Nigel Moore (the original
bass player) returned.
Their next two singles, 'Ain't Got A Clue'/'Ooh! Ooh! I Love You' (1978) and
'I Don't Need To Tell Her'/'Pills' (1978) both charted. Early releases of 'Ain't
Got A Clue' came with a free gold flexi-disc called 'Fulham Fallout Flirty
Free'. Their first album 'Fulham Fallout' was released in June, 1978 and
the first copies contained the same gold flexi-disc. The fifth and sixth
singles were 'Just Thirteen'/'Countdown' (November, 1978) and 'Out In The
Dark'/'Suzie Is A Floozie' (May, 1979); however, anyone attending the
January, 1979 gig at London's Electric Ballroom could pick up a free copy
of a flexi picture-disc and an accompanying copy of 'Ain't Got A Clue'. The
flexi-disc is the same as the one given free with'Fulham Fallout'. Following
the release of the second album 'God's Lonely Men' (June, 1979), Honest
John Plain (ex-Boys) joins the Lurkers and they release 'New Guitar In
Town'/'Little Old Wine Drinker Me' (November, 1979). In 1980, the Lurkers
In 1982, the Lurkers reformed but split again in 1984. Arturo reformed the
band in 1987 after a meeting with Die Toten Hosen who financed the
comeback album 'Wild Times Again'. The current line-up is Arturo
Bassick (vocals & bass), Dave Kemp (guitar), and Nelly (drums). Arturo is
also currently playing bass for 999. Check out the Lurkers website for
current updates - link below.
Current lineup - Dave, Nelly, Arturo
I'm still not sure of the exact date the Lurkers played the Silver Thread. Arturo
had the following to say about the gig: