mentol errors
"Remembering that this was early days for me, and I had just discovered this
refreshing new Youth Culture. At that time I owned only one pair of tight
drainpipe trousers. I went to get them on before leaving the house only to find
out me Ma had just put on a wash. Cheers Ma! So all I had was all my Flares.
So I got on a old pair of flaired jeans ripped them up a bit pulled on my Black
Rubber Wellies and tucked the flappy Bell- bottoms intae the Wellies. Much
to the amusement o the Band members and the audience, but that night I was
safe from any electric shocks from our DIY PA system.

I think the other band was X-S Discharge (Paddy & Chic Doherty). A hot
sweaty, no-nonsense night, and a good time had by all.

Sadly I don't have any photos of the Errors. If anyone has please get in touch
Email me at


Tam O'Malley
(from the Spectacular Commodity EP)
The Mentol Errors were Davy O'Neil (Vocals), Eddy Cochrane (Drums),
Brendan Moon (Bass), and
Tam O'Malley (Guitar). The band released on track called "Irrelevance" on the
Spectacular Commodity EP.

At the moment, I don't have a lot of information on the band but Tam O'Malley
provided the following account. Please note that Tam is looking for any photos
of the Mentol Errors and has provided an email address.
"Our 1st gig - Rock Against Racism Night at The star Club, Paisley. Run by
Tommy Kayes (anyone know his where-abouts today?). I think his support was
crucial in kick-starting the Paisley Punk music scene. Cheerz Tommy.

As we were all pretty skint, we begged borrowed or stole any speakers and amps
to form a make-shift PA. Nae Lights? Nae problem. So we applied the Punk
philosophy of "Do It Yourself". The roadworks at the end of the road had about 8
or 9 battery operated orange flashing Hazard Lamps around the hole that was
being dug. Somehow they swiftly appeared around the room and stage area. Not
ideal for seeing what chords I was hitting, but hey, the trippy vision of a packed
room of pogoing Paisley Punks in a low orange strobe lighting completed the vibe
(who needs drugs)
Photos: It Ticked And Exploded (1979)
Photos: It Ticked And Exploded (1979)
Mentol Errors and The Fegs, Arran