When the Rezillos split in 1979, Sire Records released Eugene Reynolds and Fay
Fife from their contract on the condition that they didn't use the name 'Rezillos'. This
condition resulted in the formation of the Revillos! The original members were
Eugene Reynolds (vocals, sax, keyboards), Fay Fife (vocals, keyboards), Robo
Rythm aka Rocky Rhythm (drums), Hi Fi Harris, an original Rezillos member
(guitar), Felix (bass), and Babs and Cherie (backing vocals). Throughout their life,
the Revillos would undergo a number of personnel changes, in fact, their website
lists 23 different members including 5 guitar players, 6 bass players, and 8 backing

Virgin signed the Revillos under their DinDisc subsidiary label and their first single
('Where's The Boy For Me?'/'The Fiend') was released in September, 1979. The
original line up also recorded the next two singles on the DinDisc label ('Motorbike
Beat'/'No Such Luck' and 'Scuba Scuba'/'Scuba Boy Pop'), and the Revillos' first
Peel Session, all of which were recorded in 1980.

By the time of the fourth single release, 'Hungry For Love'/'Voodoo 2', Hi Fi Harris
had left the band and had been replaced the 17 year old Kid Krupa. This line up also
recorded the first album 'Rev Up' (1980), which was to be their last recording for the
DinDisc label.
In 1980/81, the Revillos were signed to the Superville label and, with a changed line
up including Vince Spik (bass) and Drax (backing voclas), they released the single
'She's Fallen In Love With A Monster Man'/'Mind Bending Cutie Doll' (1981). This line
up also recorded the following single ('Bongo Brain'/'Hip City - You Were Meant For
Me') (1981), the second album 'Attack!' (1982) and the second Revillos' Peel Session

In 1983, after another line up change, the Revillos were signed by EMI and released
two singles: 'Bitten By A Love Bug'/'Trigger Happy Jack' (1983) and
'Midnight'/'Midnight' & 'Z-X-7'.

In 1984, after two self-financed tours of the USA, the Revillos split although they
reformed in 1985 (with yet another line up change) for a tour of Europe. They
reformed again in 1994 (yep, with another line up) to tour Japan and released the
album 'Live And On Fire In Japan' and the EP 'Yeah Yeah', both on Vinyl Japan.

They reformed again in 1996 for a short tour to coincide with the release of the 'From
The Freezer' album. Later releases included the 'Re-Animated' video, the 'Totally
Alive!' album, the 'Wireless Recordings' album and a number of Revillos compilation

According to the Revillos website, they have now '...
voluntarily re-entered cryogenic
...' and '... it's unlikely that the Revillos will gig again but it's not
'The newly formed Revillos played the Bungalow around the time of their 'Motorbike
Beat' single, and were just as good as their earlier band. The soundcheck before the
doors opened was better than many bands live performances, they rattled through
about 10 songs of thrash garage style punk. Surfin' Bird, Surfin' USA, Martian Hop,
Twist and Shout, etc.

The singer Eugene Reynolds used about 2 cans of hair spray to form the biggest quiff
known to man before he went onstage; however, 5 minutes into the gig in the hot and
sweaty atmosphere, it had collapsed into an early 80's Phil Oakey tribute. Marvelous
entertainers, and great visually

Bungalow Bar, Paisley

The Revillos played the Bungalow Bar, Paisley on October 21, 1980. They came on
stage to a garage surf style song and proceeded to blast through their set at a
frantic pace and the crowd loved it. I'm still figuring out the setlist but the songs
played included Scuba Scuba, Mind Bending Cutie Doll, Motorbike Beat, Where's
The Boy For Me?, Attack!, and She's Fallen In Love With A Monster Man. Midway
through the set, the pace slowed slightly for a couple of songs and then it was back
up to full speed until the end. Unlike the Rezillos gig at the Silver Thread, there was
very little chat between the songs - as soon as one finished, they started the next.
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