Uprising setlist as best I can remember. Not sure of the proper
order, but near enough, from Cellar Bar, February, 1986:

01. Safe European Home
02. What's The Fuss About?
03. You Make Me Sick
04. Back In My Arms Again
05. Going To Heaven
06. Kings And Queens
07. Burn The Fuckin' Churches
08. Stuck Inside Of Mobile (Memphis Blues)
09. Funny How We Can Be
10. Religion Of A Thousand Kinds
11. It Worries Me
12. All Or Nothing

Couple of others I can't recall.

In the mid-1980s, after one of the many Defiant Pose splits, Joe (vocals, guitar)
started The Uprising with Graeme (guitar), Bob (bass) and Preacher (drums).
The Uprising were similar to Defiant Pose as Joe was the main songwriter;
however, they had a harsher sound and more aggressive lyrics/song titles. With
a setlist including both originals and covers, the Uprising gigged frequently
around Paisley and were at least once joined onstage for a few songs by Chad
from Defiant Pose.

Unfortunately, the Uprising was a short-lived project as all of the members were
involved with other bands. Graeme was playing in the Close Lobsters and Joe,
after working with the Close Lobsters, reformed Defiant Pose.
'To the best of my knowledge, the Uprising only played 4 gigs, all within the space of
2 weeks but our intention was always that it was to be a short-lived affair. We were all
unemployed at the time, so after intense rehearsals in Bob's family living room for a
week or two, full PA and all, and unusually, with the maw and paws blessing, we set
about our short term agenda. Can't remember exactly what it was unfortunately, but
with hindsight, maybe we could have kept it going a bit longer.

The current list of songs we're working on includes 5 songs from that Uprising period
so they've stood the test of time in my opinion - reworked them a bit though.Some
very bitter stuff in those lyrics along with well-structured arrangements and stomping
beats. Judge for yerself when they're released

Bob, Joe, Graeme at Windys
Joe, Cellar Bar, 1986
Graeme, Cellar Bar, 1986
Bob, Joe Graeme
Bob, Joe, Graeme
Bob, Chad, Joe, Preacher, Graeme
Bob, Chad, Joe, Graeme
This set of 5 photos was taken at Windys on January 13, 1986