Hyped 2 Death
Chuck Warner of the Massachusetts based label Hyped 2 Death deserves a
huge amount of credit for the quality and variety of the CDs released through his
label - and for his determination in tracking down the bands whose tracks he
wants to include. Remember those obscure records you could never find or,
worse, the ones you had a copy of then lost, left at a party, or lent to someone
and never got them back? Well, chances are a few of them will be on some of
these CDs. Also included are previously unreleased tracks and demos

A look at the online catalogue shows the releases split into five sections:
Messthetics (UK DIY/postpunk), Teenline (US powerpop), Homework (US DIY/No
Wave), Hyped To Death (US & Canadian punk), and Throbbing Lobster label
(original 80s LPs). The Messthetics series contains a number of CDs that
concentrate on releases from various parts of the UK including Manchester,
South Wales, the Midlands, London, and Scotland.

To view the full catalogue, go to the Hyped 2 Death website!
Messthetics #105 D.I.Y 77-81 Scotland Volume 1
One of the latest releases focuses on Scotland and is described on the cover

....a deliberately slanted tour of post-punk Scotland, focusing on a brief,
intense scene of idiosyncratic artwave/punkwave bands that started out
rubbing shoulders with 1977 punk but paid no attention at all to London after
that. Naturally it all fell apart almost as soon as 'The Sound of Young
Scotland' became a marketable commodity, but they left behind a rich cache
of lost 'alternative' hits - and some great 'traditional' D.I.Y., too

The CD comprises 24 tracks and 9 bonus MP3s and comes complete with a
very informative 24-page booklet containing band histories and photos. It
received an 'Album of the Week' review in Scotland On Sunday (February 17,
2008) and a four-bullet review in issue #599 of The List.

Believe me, this CD is a great collection of obscure and previously
unreleased tracks!
Track Listing:

01 Scrotum Poles - Helicopter Honeymoon
02 Fire Engines - New Thing In Cartons
03 35mm Dreams - More Than This
04 The Exile - Jubilee 77
05 Commercials - Simon
06 Fakes - Sylvia Clarke
07 Metropak - You're A Rebel
08 Tony Pilley - Waiting For The Man
09 Visitors - Moth
10 Article 58 - Event To Come
11 Radio Ghosts - Falling Into Darkness
12 Rapid Dance - Hidden So Well
13 Strutz - Break Point
14 Metropak - Looking
15 Vertical Smiles - New Clash Single
16 Ettes - A Conversation
17 Restricted Code - New Messiah
18 Radio Ghosts - My Room
19 Brills - Gang Of One
20 Rhythm Method - Insight
21 Dirty Reds - Bad Sex
22 He's Dead Jim - Towel On The Radiator/Lampshade
23 Jazzateers - Blue Moon Over Hawaii
24 Paul Reekie - Lovers

9 Bonus MP3s:

01 Article 58 - Idol
02 International Spys - Baby Don't Go
03 Friction - Mystery
04 Commercials - Speeds The End
05 Restricted Code - Then There Was You
06 Vertical Smiles - Carnal Knowledge
07 Cats Eyes - Guilt
08 35mm Dreams - Suburbia Sheikhs
09 Scrotum Poles - Put An End To It All