Welcome to Vicious Riff, an online archive of the Punk Rock scene in Paisley, Scotland.
This site has been started to make available all the information that can be gathered on the
bands that played Paisley (some well known, some not so well known), the venues (some
still existing, some long gone), and the people involved (some great styles, some not so
great - you decide!).

Why Paisley? Well, back in 1977, Glasgow City Council enforced a short term ban on all
punk gigs meaning any bands who wanted to play in the area came to Paisley. Under the No
Fun section, you can read more about the ban and, in the Noise Annoys section there is
information on the venues they played. Secondly, even when the ban was lifted, many touring
bands continued to play in the town and, thirdly, a large number of bands started in the town
who were strongly influenced by the punk rock movement. Some of the bands included on
the site may not be classed as punk; however, if they stemmed from the punk movement,
they're relevant.
This site is intended to be a growing archive, in other words, as I find more information, it will be included. This is
where you come in! I would be grateful if you could email anything you think may be relevant. I'm looking for
information on the bands, dates they played, photos, flyers, personal memories, recordings you would like to share,
and (for the not easily embarrassed) personal photos! For example, TV Smith of The Adverts, sent this:

There was an article about our trip to Scotland in the Melody Maker ......, but unfortunately it only covered the gig in
Edinburgh the day before. However, the photographer travelled with us to Glasgow and I'm pretty sure one of the shots
they printed was from the Silver Threads. Have a look and see what you think

So, can anyone confirm that this is the Silver Thread? What do you remember of the gig? Are you in this photo?
Come on, identify yourself!! I'll credit all information I receive.
This site is intended to be an accurate archive so if you spot any errors let me know and I'll fix it! Also, it's meant to be fun but if
anyone spots themselves in a photo they don't want shown or wants their music removed, let me know!
Thanks to everyone who's helped make this site possible by contributing, especially those in bands who have taken the time to
dig out information and answer my questions. Special thanks to Marsha, Joe, Bill-F, TV Smith, John (The Straps), Gerry (Fire
Exit), Fadge, Mainy (El Diablo Fanzine), I Am The Fly, Neily, Mike (Inflammable Material), Davey Cameron, Derek (Stringfellows),
Tam O'Malley.
Photo by Nick Bell