The Ferguslie Festival took place in Ferguslie Park, Paisley in 1979. It was organised by
Rock Against Racism (RAR) and the Ferguslie League of Action Groups (FLAG) and was
well attended throughout the day. Very little is known about the festival at the moment;
however, as more information comes to light, I'll put it up here. There was an article written
about the festival in NME (I've contacted their archive department about getting a copy) and
the photo of the Fegs shows someone onstage with a camera so video footage exists
somewhere. If anyone can help with more information on the festival, please contact me.

According to the report in the Paisley Daily Express, 10 bands played at the festival
including The Fegs, Mentol Errors, XS Discharge, and Urban Enemies and I've been told a
band called Liberty Bodice also played. There appears to have been an over the top police
presence at the festival but there was no trouble whatsoever. You can read the Express
article and features from the music press by clicking on the links at the top right of this page.
The Fegs
The Mentol Errors