And so to a rundown of the gigs I promoted. These are all 1987 except the first one which was 1986.

15th December. The Humour (Barrhead punk band) and Equinox (Glasgow indie type band) who changed their name to Soma Scream and played Stringfellows
again later on. Well attended concert, I think there were 70 people there that night.

January 12th. The Humour and Feed Your Head (Manchester punk band). Cold and snowy night mentioned earlier, enjoyable concert, small attendance. We didn't
charge a fee as the gig hadn't gone to plan, instead had a whip round to try and get enough money for petrol for Feed Your Head to travel back down to Manchester.

7th February. Civilised Society (Yorkshire hardcore punk band), Feed Your Head (again) and Soma scream played. I'm fairly sure the attendance was around 70 to
80 people for this one. Civilised Society played again in May so it's easy to get confused. I do remember they were a great live band both times.

28th February. The next three concerts in a row were all goth concerts and lost a lot of money through poor attendances Mary (Glasgow band) and Soma Scream
played on this night. Turn out for the gig was 56 people, not too big a loss on this one - 20 short at the end of the night.

7th March. This concert was a lesson for me on how things can go wrong from the start. The band playing were Nervous Choir ,a band from Aberdeen, a very
professional act but barely heard of in the Paisley area. Band's fee was 70, PA hire was another 65, the sound was top quality as we used a 2000 watt PA
system and Stringfellows is not a massive venue. Tthere were only 30+ people at the gig and that was including a large amount of people from Aberdeen. I put up
200 posters for this gig but I suppose if people haven't heard of the act then they wait till another day. Stringfellows bailed us out to the tune of 120.

28th March. 2 bands played - Plastic Surgery, a goth band from Dundee, and The Couch a band from Ardrossan.

4th April. Back to promoting punk bands. Oi Polloi, Toxik Ephex from Aberdeen and the Next World from Bradford played. A good variety of music styles and a very
good concert. Just reading through my notes, 150 people turned up for this concert so all round a big success.
Stringfellows Gig List
11th April. Funeral Choir and Soma scream played. Turnout about 60 people.

17th April. This gig was a mass brawl half way through and we were lucky not to lose the venue at that point in time. The bands playing were The Instigators, Feed
Your Head and The Next World. 75+ people showed up, I've a feeling it was many more but once the fight broke out no one was counting. I never did find out what
the fight was about, someone was attacked with a knife and had a massive cut down their arm, the police then showed up and the concert came to a halt. The band
The Instigators did eventually play as the headline act, possibly a show of defiance that the fight wouldn't ruin the concert. They played a short set of 5 songs and I
booked them later in the year to play again. Up till this concert Stringfellows had always been trouble free at the gigs I put on and there was rarely any trouble after
this gig too.

25th April. Anti Sect, Hellbastard and Oi Polloi all played. Turnout over 100 people, very good concert overall. Anti Sect had all their equipment stolen before they
arrived and had to borrow stuff from Oi Polloi just to play. I'm sure there are still bands forming today who are influenced by the Anti Sect sound, even though Anti
Sect broke up in 1987.

9th May. Civilised Society, Exalt (Dundee) and State Of Decay from Glasgow all played. Turnout 70 people.

16th May. Outswitch and Small Furry Creatures played this one (2 Paisley punk bands).

23rd May. I have this listed as a Feed Your Head gig as part of their tour with Hex. I don't know if this concert went ahead or not.

30th May. The book is on the table. I can't remember anything about this gig.
13th June. The Instigators, Soma Scream and Didgeridoo (Dundee band). This concert was trouble free and all good.

26th June. Toxik Ephex, Outswitch, Brain damage (Dundee) and the F1-11S (Glasgow). The Humour are mentioned on the gig poster but I'm not sure if they played
or not. This concert was a benefit gig for a Glasgow punk festival to be held at Kelvingrove.

July 10th. The Scraps (France), Chaotic Subversion, Lethal Dose and State Control (3 Glasgow punk bands) played. High energy concert. I organised a small UK
tour for The Scraps in 1989.

Also in July. This wasn't one of my concerts but Larm (Holland), Heibel (Belgium) and Heresy (England) all played Stringfellows. These are all fast hardcore punk

3rd August. Culture Shock, Outswitch and surprise guest played (I can't remember who the surprise guest was, maybe Toxik Ephex, not sure).
This was another of the good nights at Stringfellows. Culture Shock were very popular at that point in time and the dance floor was packed.

22nd August. Dan, H.D.Q, Oi Polloi and Oxymorons. This was my last gig at Stringfellows.

By around half way through bands were asking on a regular basis to play. Friends wanted to do a DJ slot and everyone wanted to be involved in some way so it was
becoming a bit easier the longer the gigs continued.